Yutaka Buffet / Revere, MA

Yukata Buffet provides a decent variety of decent quality sushi rolls with an endless supply to definitely leave you satisfied.

Yutaka Buffet
339 Squire Rd
Revere, MA 02151


Yukata Buffet is located in a small shopping plaza strip mall in Revere.  The sign isn’t that eye-catching, but when you find the place, you most likely won’t be disappointed.  The restaurant has a nice and clean design.  It’s not dirty or gross, and not high-end or extravagant.  There appears to always be ample amount of seating and booths for larger parties.  The buffet station is located in the far corner with easy access for patrons.

With all buffets, you always have to factor in price and quality.  Well, the price of a dinner buffet is about $15.  This price for the quality of sushi here is a pretty good deal, but the fact that the buffet also serves up Chinese dishes, this place is an absolutely great deal!  They had a variety of rolls including Salmon Tempura Maki, Yutaka Tempura Maki, Grilled Salmon Maki, Alaskan Maki, Spicy Tuna Maki, Avo-kyu Maki, California Maki, etc…  Because of the selection, this place actually makes an excellent choice for a sushi newb.  Why is that you ask?  Well, you have such a large variety of cooked and uncooked maki, and if the person still can’t get into sushi, he/she can fall back on the other quality Chinese dishes.  They also have Sashimi as well aside from the maki rolls.  They’re um, OK I guess, but not a huge selection and didn’t appear to be a high quality piece of fish, I’d probably stay clear in the future and focus on the maki rolls.




~Quantity definitely over quality, but an acceptable quality.

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