Village Vibe Special Roll – Amber / New York, NY

Village Vibe Special Roll

Lobster Salad, Avocado Roll topped with fresh Kiwi slices and Mango Puree

While strolling through the Big Apple, I stumbled on this restaurant called Amber.  The location and decor caught my eye at first, but then their interesting rolls are what got me to go inside.  Their menu features specialty rolls utilizing ingredients such as hijimi chili powder, oyster tempura, and spicy king oyster mushroom.  I was there for lunch, so I was looking for something on the lighter side, when I stumbled upon this tropical roll incorporating mango puree and kiwi.

I normally don’t do fruity sushi rolls, but the roll seemed so interesting and because it was on the warmer side that day… I decided to go for it. I wasn’t a huge fan of the slimy kiwi texture on top of my roll.  Although, I will say that the kiwi was a nice contrast in texture with the lobster salad.  You can really taste those luscious pieces of lobster in there.  I was praying that the mango would not be overpowering and complimentary to the roll instead.  Surprisingly, the mango puree was hardly noticeable.  You actually only get this slightly bitter and tangy sweetness from it, which was a perfect twist to this roll.  The rich lobster and kiwi flavors dominate this roll.  Quite a nice roll for a nice hot summer day.

Quite the visually pleasing roll.  The flavors are pretty spot on what you’d expect.  I wonder if there was a way to sun dry, or bake, or something innovative so that kiwi wouldn’t be as slimy in texture but still get the kiwi taste.

221 Columbus Ave
New York, NY10023


Grade: B

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