Using an Ice Cube Tray to Make Sushi?

Making sushi too much work and effort?.  Would you rather just run down to the sushi joint  a couple blocks?  Well here’s a fun way to make nigiri sushi using an ice cube tray of all things!  All you have to do is grease an ice cube tray with some nonstick spray, and then its important to make your sushi opposite… That is, put your topping on the bottom, then layer cooled sushi rice in each cube over the topping.  Cover it up, and chill in your fridge for 5 minutes!  After that, take em out and wrap and nori and you’re good to go!


This sounds like a really fun and quick way of making sushi.  Also, sounds like it could be a great idea for a sort of theme party or group activity.



SOURCE Lunch in a Box

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