Sushi Prices in LA 25% Higher Than National Average

I haven’t been to LA for a couple of years.  After looking at this ranking, that wait might have to get even longer.  I can’t say I’m shocked at all.  Figured it was either LA or NY, and I would have leaned towards LA before looking at the list.  This index compiled by Bloomberg Rankings called the Sushinomics Cost-of-Living Index, is based on a survey of prices for spicy tuna and Cali rolls at restaurants in a little under 30 major cities.  For you econ majors, think of the Big Mac Index 😉  A 100 is average, so while LA is a staggering over 25% higher than the national average, a big sigh of relief that my beloved home of Boston is a mere 3% higher than the national average.

I really shouldn’t be complaining since I frequent New York and Philadelphia so often, both of which are around the top 10.  I just made a trip to San Francisco in July, and I live in Boston.  That being said, I wonder why Las Vegas wasn’t included in the survey??   Below is a snippet of the entire index:


Sushinomics Cost-of-Living Index
Los Angeles126.63
New York120.97
San Francisco117.44
St. Louis103.55
Wilmington, Del.101.06



SOURCE   Bloomberg

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