Shiro / Berlin, MA

Shiro provides high quality sushi that one might only expect to find in the city… if you’re willing to drive an hour outside the city.

3 Gates Pond Rd
Berlin, MA 01503



Honestly, it’s not like I stumbled across this little gem, or heard about it through word of mouth.  I happened to be running an errand an hour west of Boston after work.  He decided to Yelp restaurants around and came across Shiro.  As you can see from the picture above, I drove by it at least a half dozen times as the restaurant is literally situated inside what looks to be a normal house from the outside.  The inside has tables and a little sushi bar, but don’t let the looks deceive you… I had the best sushi in my life here.

The prices on all of the sushi were all about the same if not slightly cheaper than what you would pay in the city.  But if price only slightly pushes you towards trying the sushi at Shiro, the taste of the sushi will easily get you on the turnpike and heading out west.  I mean, the sushi taste so good, I would have gladly paid double Boston prices for my meal.  You get the most amazing blue fin toro for a fraction of what it would cost in Boston.  I will say that there is a large emphasis on highlighting the fish in each plate.  You’d think that this was common sense with any sushi joint, but I personally feel some places that don’t have amazing tasting fresh fish and the knife skills have to hide their sushi in endless amounts of glazes and sauces.  I thoroughly enjoyed the taste of the fish in all my plates.  Here are some of the rolls I tried:

  • Sashimi App – An assortment of sliced raw fish
    • All of the fish were fresh.  Nice large slices of delicious fish.  Possibly the best sashimi I’ve had in my life, a great starter.
  • Sea Devil MakiTempura Squid with Avocado and Crab
    • I had my reservations as I do with all things tempura related.  The concern is that there might be too much tempura batter, or it’s fried too much and that ultimately you lose the flavor and taste of what was in the tempura batter.  This is definitely not the case.  The squid tasted amazing.  It was so tender and chewy.  The crab was also delicious, nice large chunks.
  • Soft Shell Crab Maki – Soft Shell Crab with Masago and Avocado
    • The soft shell crab was not overly fried.  That nice crab flavor was still present, it was perfectly battered.  Lots of delicious flavors mixed with a great contrast in textures made this roll amazing.  As with both rolls, the sushi rice was on point, amazing roll.




~Best Sushi in Boston… outside of Boston.



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