Osaka / Brookline, MA

The sexy new Sushi and Hibachi hot spot in Coolidge Corner Street is worth the wait.

14 Green St
Brookline, MA 02446


A friend of mine had a birthday here.  Initially I just punched it in to Google Maps, as I was fairly familiar with the Coolidge Corner area, but had never been to/heard of Osaka.  I turned on the main street to this side street and I see this relatively sexy new place.  For the area, Osaka is quite large.  I was there on a Saturday night and it was packed.  It was so packed, despite a reservation, we had to hang out at the bar lounge area for around 30 minutes until we could get to our table.

I mean, it’s fun to go somewhere on a Fri or Sat night where it’s packed.  Lots of energy and fun with the hibachi stations.  No real surprise, if you’re either doing hibachi, or anywhere near there, you will hear a plethora of screams, yells, Ay-Ay-Ay’s, and a bunch of laughter.  So if you’re not ready for any and all of that, it’s pretty difficult to sit anywhere at Osaka and not hear any of that.  The hibachi portions are plentiful and quite delicious.  It’d be hard for me to go here for some sushi over the hibachi.

We had a variety of rolls including the American Tango, Foxy Lady, Jalapeno, and a few more.  All of these fusion rolls were good, not great.  I mean, the sushi rolls might actually be as good or better than some other dedicated sushi restaurants, but because of the presence of the hibachi, it’s tough for any of the sushi to shine.  I might have to go there again and resist the hibachi and try to focus on the sushi and update my review perhaps.




~New Coolidge Corner Hotspot where the hibachi > sushi.

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