Katsuno / Forest Hills, NY

Katsuno is a small little restaurant in Queens with a very traditional Japanese look and feel.  Katsuno is from the same owner and chef as Seo Restaurant on 49th Street in Manhattan.

103-01 Metropolitan Ave
Forest Hills, NY 11375


Katsuno is one of those true hidden gems.  The restaurant is really camouflaged among surrounding stores.  I literally walked past the place a few times before realizing where Katsuno actually was.  The relatively dull exterior design continues on in to the restaurant.  As opposed to dimly lit with blaring electronic music like some other trendy restaurants, Katsuno instills a true traditional Japanese feel with bright lights and a rather simple setup.  To go along with the traditional Japanese look, Katsuno serves up truly authentic Japanese food (yes, there is more to Japanese food than sushi, tempura, and teriyaki).

The food at Katsuno is truly amazing.  While I unfortunately have still yet to travel to Japan, the food tastes very authentic.  I would like to think it’s fairly similar in terms of tastes and textures to what I could get in Japan.  But in saying that… if you were to eat here often, you probably could have bought a ticket or two to Japan for the prices here.  Again, for the most truly authentic Japanese meal I’ve ever had, it’s worth it as a one shot deal to me.

Sushi was delicious.  Maybe the decor and feel added to the experience, but the sashimi was unbelievably fresh when I was there.  In addition, the American in me, couldn’t help but appreciate the generous cuts of sashimi as well.  My spicy tuna roll had nice little yummy chunks of tuna instead of the mushed up together tuna mixture from other places.   Here are some of the rolls I tried:

  • King Crab Roll
    • Really nice crab taste here.  Essentially a California roll with king crab instead of imitation crab.  Again, the crab was absolutely delicious, unfortunately there was only a small amount.
  • Sea Urchin Roll
    • Already aware that most people new to sushi do some sort of cooked or vegetable rolls, and eventually California Roll, then raw fish rolls… Most people still have a tough time with the texture of Sea Urchin.  It’s an acquired taste.  The sea urchin was quite flavorful, and quite a generous amount, which is also appreciated.
  • Salmon Skin Roll
    • Very nice and fresh flavors.  I go in to a salmon skin roll expecting saltiness, but this roll was almost too salty even for me.  But it was tolerable.  The salmon skin had a nice hard and crunchy texture similar to tempura, but with a clean and fresh taste.  Some parts of the salmon skin felt almost too tough and chewy.

Sea Urchin RollSalmon Skin Roll

Salmon Skin Roll, Sea Urchin Roll, King Crab RollKing Crab Roll

Sea Urchin RollKing Crab Roll



~Tiny hidden neighborhood restaurant in Queens serving up world-class authentic Japanese food.




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