International Sushi Day

Yesterday was International Sushi Day apparently.  I thought what better sign than this to start posting again.  Here at aSUSHIated press, you can see in the Spotlight section that we love to highlight special, unique, and innovative sushi rolls.  International Sushi Day was first celebrated only three years ago!  The Sushi Facebook Page that started this day had 21,000 fans back in 2009 and are now nearly at 2 million!

I decided to get my act together and start posting some of my recent sushi adventures.  In the next few weeks or so you’ll see all sorts of sushi spotlights including a Sushi Burrito.  You’ll also see a bunch of sushi restaurant reviews including my first conveyor belt sushi (sushi-go-round) experience in Japantown in Los Angeles.  Stay Tuned!



SOURCE Somewhere In The World Today

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