Filet Mignon and Enoki Mushroom Roll – Umai / Boston, MA

Filet Mignon and Enoki Mushroom Roll

Seared filet Mignon and Enoki Mushroom, topped with Sesame Garlic Sauce


Yellowtail sits within Bellagio in Las Vegas.  While expecting the typical traditional sushi rolls, I came across this particular roll… Now, the name alone, I just thought it was a play on words.  I would continue to read the contents of the roll and paused on the last ingredient: Pop Rocks.  I didn’t think much of it, I just figured it was some sort of play on words, or even possibly a typo.  I mean, there’s NO way this could be a roll in a classy restaurant that has… Pop Rocks, right?  Lo and behold, the waiter brings over the roll and what would seem like little mini hardened roe, started to appear like Pop Rocks, watermelon ones at that.  I took my first bite and BAM!  Those crunchy carbonated candies filled every bite.  The Pop Rocks added an overall sweetness to the roll, obviously an artificial sweetness, compared to some of the rolls I’ve had with mango or strawberry.  I have to step back and mention how delicious the spicy crab was.  The crab was very tasty and fresh.  Also, it’s worth noting in the pictures, these rolls are packed with crab.  An extremely generous amount goes in to each roll.  But as divine as the texture of crab is, the crunchiness of the Pop Rocks definitely takes over the roll.  When the sushi comes out, you can actually hear the Pop Rocks crackling, it’s pretty amazing.  The funny thing is, it just kind of works.  I thought the Pop Rocks would overpower the entire roll and it would feel like I was just eating candy in a wrap of rice, but it’s not too much and obviously gets points for one of the most creative rolls I’ve tried in my life.

As I mentioned earlier how I was OK with the proportion of Pop Rocks in the roll, I can’t help but wonder if the roll would be improved by reducing the amount of Pop Rocks and even less were stuffed in the roll.   Another possibility would be for a roll that played around and replaced a roll topped with roe, topped with Pop Rocks.  Can’t help but wonder if the Pop Rocks were a small and subtle afterthought to each roll as opposed to the central focus, maybe it’d be a better use of them?  Just a thought.

244 Newbury St
Boston, MA 02116


Grade: B




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