Basho Japanese Brasserie / Boston, MA

Basho Japanese Brasserie is a large ultra modern restaurant on Boylston St, just a few streets from Fenway Park.  Basho is the offspring of sister restaurant, Douzo, in the Back Bay.

Basho Japanese Brasserie
1338 Boylston St
Boston, MA 02215


Let me start off by saying that the location of Basho is a double edged sword.  It’s absolutely awesome that they are located just a few streets from Fenway Park, but it’s absolutely abysmal that they are located just a few streets from Fenway Park.  Huh?  Yes, if you’re lucky to find a spot there or willing to pay the ridiculous prices to park in a lot there, Basho is great to grab a couple of rolls and head to the game for a great game or get your sushi fix after perhaps a 16 inning game since Basho stays open quite late.  At the same time, if you are not a Red Sox fan and you just really want to go here for some sushi, about half the year you will have no chance at all to park on the street for dinner here.

After you do manage finding a way here, the first thing you’ll notice is how massive this place is.  One of the few times I’ve been there, a huge private party took up half the restaurant.  But aside from that time, the restaurant doesn’t seem to be ever fully packed.  And what makes it worse is that because it’s so huge, when there are a couple of dozen people there, the shear size of Basho makes it seem not even close to being full.  I will say that there is more of a club or lounge feel than a typical restaurant.  This is due to the size of the restaurant that I’ve mentioned, but also how annoying noisy it can get at times.  Wouldn’t exactly be one of my top choices for a date spot as the noise is distracting, but also there is a lack of intimacy as tables seem to be placed relatively close to one another.  If I was hard on Basho for the size and noise of the place, I make up for it in the praise for the modern and trendy design.  The place has a cool ambience flowing throughout the massive restaurant.

On to the food… Huge selection of rolls.  There are a lot of upscale twists on traditional rolls and some real unique ones as well.  Because of these upscale twists, the rolls are slightly more expensive than what you would expect.  But this could also be attributed to the location of Basho and what you might pay at most places around the area.  I will say, their unique rolls are really hit or miss.  Some are right on the spot and show off the shear genius in creating these rolls, while others left me wondering what they could have possibly be thinking.  Some of the rolls I have tried:

  • Scallop Kiwi RollMixed Seafood, Seaweed Salad, Tempura Crumb, topped with Scallop, Kiwi, Black Tobiko
    • The kiwi adds some nice acidity and sweetness, but balanced well.
  • Russian RollEel, Salmon Skin, Cucumber, Onion, topped with Caviar
    • A lot of textures mixed together in this roll, the delicious salty Salmon Skin really steals the show.  Lots of flavor.
  • Spicy Avalanche Roll – Spicy Tuna, Cucumber, wrapped with Soy Paper, with Toasted Cheese and Snow Crab
    • Yea… not a big fan of cream cheese to begin with, so toasted cheese was interesting.  It adds an interesting, but nice texture to the roll.
  • Green Monster RollSoftshell Crab, Spicy Mayo, wrapped with Escolar and seasoned with Cilantro Pesto
    • Kind of required to try this because of the Red Sox fan of me, after this roll I might switch to a Yankees fan.
  • Amaebi Mango RollMango, Cucumber, Grilled Pineapple, wrapped with Sweet Shrimp and a touch of Mango Sauce
    • At times like this, I wish I wasn’t so adventurous with trying unique and different rolls… Don’t think shrimp was the right choice for this roll.
  • Crunchy RollFried Onion, Cucumber, Spicy Crumb wrapped with Tuna, Tobiko, Salmon, Salmon Roe and a touch of Mango Sauce
    • Incredible crunch and flavor.  Awesome flavors together and the perfect contrast in textures.

Amaebi Mango RollGreen Monster Roll

Crunchy RollGreen Monster Roll



~Massive sushi spot by Fenway that with an extremely modern and trendy design… but bigger isn’t always better.





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