Alligator Maki Roll – Gari / Brookline, MA

Alligator Maki Roll

Shrimp Tempura, Eel Crab Stick, Tobiko, and Spicy Mayo


While not as popular as some of the classic maki rolls such as the California Roll, Caterpillar, etc…, you can find an Alligator Roll in a fair amount of restaurants.  One evening in the winter, I had the munchies for a roll with a nice crunchy texture , but also some kick.  I was hoping this roll would give me the fix I was looking for.

The focal point of this roll is definitely the shrimp tempura in terms of texture and taste.  First off, you get a really nice crunch with each piece.  Again, not too cruncy, but just that perfect amount.  The spicy mayo didn’t have as much heat as I was looking for, but it was suitable to say the least.  Also, while the spicy mayo was quite delicious, I was happy that the roll wasn’t overdone with loads of it.  Definitely not a fan of too much mayo in my rolls, yuck.  The eel was nice and fresh, good flavors there as well.  I was fairly happy, solid roll.

Not that much to criticize here, but not that much to praise either.  This roll is fairly vanilla.  You get what you order, nothing more, nothing less.  The flavors are solid, but you won’t exactly jump out of your seat for this roll.  As previously mentioned, the spicy mayo could use a little more of a kick.

187 Harvard St
Brookline, MA 02446


Grade: B-

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